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Two papers on “milk genetics”

Olsen HG, Knutsen TM, Kohler A, et al. Genome-wide association mapping for milk fat composition and fine mapping of a QTL for de novo synthesis of milk fatty acids on bovine chromosome 13. Genet Sel Evol. 2017. doi:10.1186/s12711-017-0294-5.

Ketto IA, Knutsen TM, Øyaas J, et al. Effects of milk protein polymorphism and composition, casein micelle size and salt distribution on the milk coagulation properties in Norwegian Red cattle. Int Dairy J. 2016. doi:10.1016/j.idairyj.2016.10.010.


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Salmon genome sequence published in Nature

Homeologous regions in the Atlantic salmon genome

Eighty million years ago, a mutant fish was born that turned out to be very successful. This mutant had a double set of hereditary material – 50 chromosomes instead of the usual 25 – and it became the ancestor of all the salmonid fishes. A lot has happened during the course of this speciation and diversification: chromosomes have split up and been jumbled around, and many gene duplicates have been lost. But even today, about half of salmon genes exist in two copies, possibly linked to the ecological flexibility of salmonids. The CIGENE team have driven the sequencing of the salmon genome from its inception to its recent publication in Nature. Continue reading “Salmon genome sequence published in Nature”

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Med kart og kompass blant gener og aminosyrer

Vår masterstudent Filip Rotnes beskriver hverdagen i et biokjemisk reaksjonsnettverk!


CIGENE acquires funding for 4 large research projects

CIGENE members have acquired funding for four large new projects over the past months.

  • Sigbjørn Lien got funded a TOPPFORSK Fripro project on the impact of transposable elements on salmonid evolution and adaptation (Funded by Norwegian research council)
  • Simen Rød Sandve got funded Fripro Young Research Tallents project on adaptive consequences of whole genome duplication (Funded by Norwegian research council)
  • Matthew Kent will lead a project on gene editing to innovate breeding (Co-funding between industry and Norwegian research council)
  • Dag Inge Våge will lead the NMBU-node of the Norwegian ELIXIR project (Funded through EU)

Congratulations to everyone involved!

CIGENE member wins NMBU research award

CIGENE researcher Simen Sandve wins the NMBU research award 2017. Congrats!



Podcast: Anvendt science fiction

Two new papers accepted in Genome Biology and Nature Genetics

CIGENE researchers have contributed to two new papers on genome evolution after whole genome duplication, one published in Genome biology and one accepted for publication in Nature Genetics!

Congrats Fabian, Sigbjørn, Torgeir, and Simen!




New pre-print out on bioRxiv! (doi:

A pre-print of our new paper “Diet And Life Stage Associated Remodeling Of Lipid Metabolism Regulation In The Duplicated Atlantic Salmon Genome” is out on bioRxiv.

Congrats to Gareth and Tom for a fantastic job on this!

CIGENE dives under the sheets

Nicola Barson, Simen Sandve and Torgeir Hvidsten publishes a popular science piece on sex and gender evolution in Aftenposten (

Caught some attention on the national radio too:


Molecular biology lab

biomek fxCutting-edge genomic analysis may be performed using high-throughput genotyping pipelines. CIGENE is pleased to offer a state-of-the-art non-profit SNP genotyping service for both National and International users from research and industry organizations. Our diverse instrumentation park includes Affymetrix Gene Titans, an Illumina iScan and MiSeq, and an Agena Bioscience (formerly Sequenom) MassArray 4, all of which are supported by a high level of robot automation. Collectively, these platforms allow us to utilize high-density fixed-content arrays as well as more flexible PCR based genotyping approaches. Continue reading “Molecular biology lab”

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