Master students

Master student at CIGENE / Genome Biology (BIOVIT)

We welcome master students that are interested in molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary and comparative genomics, and  bioinformatics. We focus on aquatic species and domesticated animals.

We use state-of-the-art technologies for short and long-read sequencing, genome annotation, and editing genomes in vitro and in vivo.

Master project descriptions: 2022-2023

We have suggested several master projects, described here. You may also contact the supervisors directly, to learn more about the different options to take your masters with us.

Want to meet the supervisors to learn more about our projects?

Some of the supervisors will meet you at open days at KBM (October 27th) and Biovit (November 10th). We will also arrange a Genome Biology / CIGENE master project information meeting, with pizza:

  • Time: Thursday 18th November from 16:00 – 17:30.
  • Place: Husdyrfagbygningen (more details will come)
  • Registration deadline: Monday 15th November. Link to registration