New clutch of genome experts graduated

This June, the genome science section has successfully fostered a new clutch of genome expert graduate students. We are so proud of our hard-working students and all they have managed to achieve within the last year.

The master project topics span a broad range of topics, from stem cell research, graph genome reconstruction, impact of prebiotics on molecular responses in fish, evolution of alternative splicing following whole genome duplication, phenotypes of KO salmon and horse pigmentation genes.

Thanks to all the fantastic students:

Avon A. Nalpadan: “Developing Cas9 expressing MDBK cell lines for GeCKO screening against bovine diseases”

Jenny Heyerdahl Bryhni: Prime Editing in Zebrafish and Atlantic Salmon – Exploring a New CRISPR Technique in Non- mammalian Species

Anna Sofie Kjelstrup: Detection and genotyping of Atlantic salmon structural variants with genome graphs

Ronja M. Sandholm: Evolution of Alternative Splice Variation and Exon Usage Following Whole Genome Duplication

Marte Skog: Low effect of β-mannan on gene regulation in Atlantic salmon

Brandi Nicole Kuhn: Phenotypic effects of knocking out pigmentation related genes in salmon

Charlotte Amy Cuffe:  Fine mapping of QTL for white markings in Fjord Horses.


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