Journal club

Autumn 2021

Date PresenterAuthor, yearTitle (link)
September 28th Darshan YoungZhipeng Ma and Jun Chen, 2020Premature termination codon-bearing mRNA mediates genetic compensation response
October 20th Olga PaulouskayaZhao et al., 2021Transposon-triggered innate immune response confers cancer resistance to the blind mole rat
October 27th Domniki ManoulisBolton et al., 2021 (preprint)Rhythmic clock gene expression in Atlantic salmon parr brain
November 9th Crystal TurnbullTimoneda et al., 2021MycoRed: Betalain pigments enable in vivo real-time visualisation of arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization by Timoneda et al. (2021)
November23rdSimen Rød SandveMoore et al., 2021The role of the Cer1 transposon in horizontal transfer of transgenerational memory
December 8th Lars Grønvold TBA

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