Sigbjørn Lien

    Centre leader, professor

    I am professor in genetics at Faculty of Biosciences, NMBU. My main research interests are genomics, genome evolution and genetic variation related to the genetic architecture of complex traits

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        Dag Inge Våge


        In general, my research interest is to reveal and understand the link between genotype and phenotype in molecular terms. Currently, I am involved in projects dealing with genetic and functional studies of flesh pigmentation in salmon and stress-related behaviour in rainbow trout.

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            Simen Sandve


            I am interested in how genomes evolve and how genomic variation is linked to phenotypic variation, adaptation, and evolution of novel traits. Im currently studying evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication, the genomics of life stage transitions, and host-microbiome interactions in Atlantic salmon. More info at my website:

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                Guro Katrine Sandvik

                Associate professor

                I am a physiologist/molecular biologist with a special interest in genome engineering. Currently I am working on establishing a CRISPR/Cas platform for genetic manipulation in fish species. The goal is to transfer new CRISPR techniques from model species (both fish and mammals) to non-models such as salmon. My research interests is varied, ranging from early brain development to puberty and behaviour.

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                    Marie Saitou

                    Postdoc tenure-track

                    I am in a tenure-track position in bioinformatics and statistical genomics. Specifically, I have been working on the evolution of genomic structural variants. I am also interested in revealing the biological basis of uniquely evolved various species by combining multiple omics methods. Please come to my lab website for more information:

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                        Matthew Kent

                        Associate professor

                        Although my formal education was as a cell biologist, I have, in recent years, taken on research more becoming of a molecular geneticist. In my work, I am involved in development of novel genotyping tools for (primarily) fish species, the application of new technologies for fish genomic research, and addressing certain specific biological questions.

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                          Associated members

                            Phillip Pope


                            My research applies interdisciplinary approaches to study the gut microbiomes of important production animals (cows, pigs and salmon) and wild herbivores (moose, reindeer). I am particularly interested in using multi-omic tools to deconvolute the intimate genetic and physiological relationship between the host animal and its microbiome.

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                              Nicola Barson

                              To Thu-Hien

                              Victor Boyartchuk

                              Thomas Harvey

                              Lars Grønvold

                              Gareth Gillard

                              Michel Moser

                              Tomasz Podgorniak

                              Arturo Vera Ponce de Leon

                              Christiaan Henkel

                              Post Doctors

                              Marie-Odile Baudement

                              Helle Tessand Baalsrud

                              Jun Soung Kwak


                              Kristil Sundsaasen

                              Mariann Árnyasi

                              Tan Thi Nguyen

                              Juan Fu

                              Jan Konrad Wallin

                              Christina de Castro Garcia

                              Ragnhild Wilberg

                              Anima Bista Thapa

                              Silje Karoliussen

                              Terese Andersstuen

                              PhD candidates

                              Darshan Young

                              Kristina Stenløkk

                              Marius André Strand

                              Øyvind Gulbrandsen

                              Prabin Sharma Humagain

                              Mari Austad Brandt

                              Domniki Manousi

                              Valeria Aguilar Quiñones

                              Mohammad Ali Noman Reza

                              Line Røsæg

                              Dat Nguyen

                              Øystein Monsen

                              Celian Diblasi

                              Gabriela Angelica Sanchez Matias


                              Joseph Robertson

                              Part-time faculty

                              Øivind Andersen

                              Professor II