Research director

Sigbjørn Lien, Research director

Sigbjørn Lien is the director of CIGENE and an expert on genomics. He founded CIGENE in the early 2000s together with former director Stig Omholt. Since then, CIGENE has grown from a small molecular biology lab to an internationally important genomics research lab as well as Norway’s foremost SNP genotyping facility.

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Administrative Director

Matthew Kent, Admin. director

Although my formal education was as a cell biologist, I have, in recent years, taken on research more becoming of a molecular geneticist. In my work, I am involved in development of novel genotyping tools for (primarily) fish species, the application of new technologies for fish genomic research, and addressing certain specific biological questions.

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Dag Inge Våge, Professor

In general, my research interest is to reveal and understand the link between genotype and phenotype in molecular terms. Currently, I am involved in projects dealing with genetic and functional studies of flesh pigmentation in salmon and stress-related behaviour in rainbow trout.

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Associate professor

Simen Sandve
Simen Rød Sandve, Associate Professor

I am interested in how genomes evolve and how genomic variation is linked to phenotypic variation, adaptation, and evolution of novel traits. Im currently involved in studying evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication, lipid metabolism in Atlantic salmon, and local genetic adaptation of wild salmon. More info at my website:

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Administrative coordinator

Lise Marie Fjellsbø, Administrative coordinator

My work focuses at carrying out administrative and management tasks within CIGENE, and to assist with administration and coordination of research projects. I have a background as researcher and project manager.

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Torgeir R. Hvidsten, Professor

My research group focuses on using machine learning methods and large genomics datasets to model how genes interact in regulatory networks and how such networks give rise to properties characteristic to individuals and species. For more details see my web site:

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