Tools and resources

Below you can find a list of useful databases, bioinformatics tools, and teaching resources.

Some of these are currently being used to analyse un-published data and will be locked through password protection (marked with *).

Research and data sharing:

  • SalmoBase. An integrated database of salmonid genomic resources.
  • SalMotifDB. A graphical interface to test for overrepresented transcription factor binding sites in the promoters of salmonid fish species. Provide you gene list, get your results, and browse them in a interactive table or download as a raw text file.
  • Liver lipid metabolism gene expression atlas. An open resource to visualise gene orthology, tissue specific gene expression, and feed/life-stage associated changes in gene expression in Atlantic salmon.
  • Light and salt project*


External resources:

  • SequencEnG. An interactive learning resource for next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques.