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CIGENE will coordinate H2020 project AQUA-FAANG

Today we received the great news that the European Commission will start grant preparation for the Horizon 2020 project AQUA-FAANG - Advancing European Aquaculture by Genome Functional Annotation ...
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Lumpfish is brought into the Genomic era

Researchers at Aquagen and CIGENE are pleased to make available a de novo draft genome assembly from Lumpfish (Norwegian: Rognkjeks). This fish is used extensively for controlling sea lice in ...
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Final gathering of the young researchers in NMBUs talent program

Simen Sandve from CIGENE has been part of the NMBU talent program, which has been a huge success. The program has supported 9 young research talents to develop important competence ...
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Two articles published in high impact journals

CIGENE members have contributed to two articles in high impact journals; Nature Genetics and Science. In the Nature Genetics correspondence “Subfunctionalization versus neofunctionalization after whole-genome duplication”, Simen Sandve is the first ...
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