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Tina G. Kirubakaran defended her PhD

Today, CIGENE colleague Tina Graceline Kirubakaran defended her PhD thesis entitled "Genomics exploring population structure and sex determination in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)". The defence started with the trial lecture: ...
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Discovered “supergene” leading to sex-dependent migration patterns in rainbow trout

Why does some fish migrate into the ocean while others stay in freshwater? A study providing new insight into this phenomenon, was published this week in Nature Ecology and Evolution ...
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Poster award at the ICISB

Last week, the 4th International Conference on Integrative Salmonid Biology  (ICISB 2019) was arranged in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK). As part of the conference, several poster viewing sessions were held and ...
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CIGENE contributes to include Norwegian species to the Earth Biogenome Project

The Earth Biogenome Project (EBP) aims to map the DNA for all animals, plants, birds, fish, fungi, algae and eukaryotes on Earth. Norway has recently established a national board, EBP-Nor, ...
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