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CIGENE seeks to develop a deep understanding of genomics as it relates to aquaculture and agriculture species, and has a specific focus on the Atlantic salmon and other salmonids.

We achieve this by working closely with both researcher and industry partners, and by leveraging state of the art tools and resources in genotyping, sequencing, bio-informatics and systems biology.

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New cod related pre-prints out on bioRxiv –

Two new papers out now on bioRxiv.

One identifying the sex determination locus in Atlantic cod:

  • https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/07/04/362376

The other describing a chromosomal rearrangement associated with migration:

  • https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/07/04/361691


TRANSPOSE: Transposable elements as agents of genome evolution and adaptation following a recent whole genome duplication

Funding source:
August 2018 – July 2022
Sigbjørn Lien
FRIPRO Toppforsk, Research Council Norway

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CIGENE acquires funding for 4 large research projects

CIGENE members have acquired funding for four large new projects over the past months.

  • Sigbjørn Lien got funded a TOPPFORSK Fripro project on the impact of transposable elements on salmonid evolution and adaptation (Funded by Norwegian research council)
  • Simen Rød Sandve got funded Fripro Young Research Tallents project on adaptive consequences of whole genome duplication (Funded by Norwegian research council)
  • Matthew Kent will lead a project on gene editing to innovate breeding (Co-funding between industry and Norwegian research council)
  • Dag Inge Våge will lead the NMBU-node of the Norwegian ELIXIR project (Funded through EU)

Congratulations to everyone involved!

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