CIGENE members attend SMBE 2023 conference in Ferrara, Italy

The annual meeting for the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) took place in Ferrara, Italy from July 23-27 2023. CIGENE was represented by Nicola Barson, Helle Baalsrud and Celian Diblasi, who enjoyed a range of great talks and the opportunity to interact with old and new collaborators.

Ferrara is a picturesque town that is part of UNESCO world heritage. This year the conference was held as  an Urban Diffused Meeting (UDM), meaning the program was spread across historical buildings located throughout the town and participants were ‘on the street’ for poster sessions, coffee breaks, and when moving between sessions.

SMBE 2023 was incredibly popular, with a record number of participants. Amongst many program highlights, the group from CIGENE picked out the opening keynote talk in the field of paleontology from Philip Donoghue (University of Bristol, UK), which took place in the unique setting of Ferrara’s City Theatre (see pictures, courtesy of Helle Baalsrud).

You can read more about SMBE 2023, including information on how to access the talks and posters digitally, is available on the event website.

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