Every two weeks or so, we head over to the lecture theatre (H109) and listen to exciting scientific talks on genetics, genomics, or computational biology. Even sometimes physiology. Or microbial communities. The speakers are a mix of invited national or international scientists and local NMBU colleagues.


Seminars Spring 2018

Preliminary schedule: Cigene seminar schedule – Spring 2018



Next up:

Date: Wednesday 8th May

Prof. Jorge Fernandes

Title: “Growth-related epigenetic changes during domestication of Nile tilapia”

Place: H109 (lecture theatre in Animal and aquacultural science building)

Time: 12.15-13.00



Date: Wednesday 25th April.

Ass. prof. Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad, KBM/NMBU

Title: “Proteomic properties of the Atlantic salmon skin-mucus and its microbiota”

Place: H109 (lecture theatre in Animal and aquacultural science building)

Time: 12.15-13.00




Date: Wednesday 4th of April

Prof. Yves Van de Peer

Talk title: The evolutionary significance of polyploidy”.

Place: Festspisesalen på samfunnet (see map: Kart_festspisesal)

Time: 12.15-13.00



Date: Wednesday 21st of March

Associate prof. Ola Westengen, Noragric, NMBU

Talk title: Crops and cultures – a co-evolutionary perspective on domestication

Time: 12:15-13.00

Room: H109




Date: Wednesday 8th of March

Prof. Susan McCouch,  Cornell University, USA

Talk title: The history of rice domestication: genetic isolation punctuated by genetic exchange

Time: 09:15-10.00

SKP auditorium




Date: Wednesday 7th of February

Fabian Grammes, researcher IHA/BIOVIT, NMBU

Talk title: Epigenomic impact on sea lice resistance in Atlantic salmon

Time: 12.15-13.00




Seminars Autumn 2017

List of CIGENE seminar talks autumn 2017



Date: Wednesday 29 November, 12.15-13.00

Tatiana Belova, researcher IPV, NMBU

Talk title: Putting the bread wheat genome sequence to work: analysing Norwegian bread wheat quality cultivars and wheat allergenicity epitopes



Date: Wednesday 15th November

Presenter: Ass. Prof. Simen Rød Sandve

Talk title: The grayling genome  reveals insights into gene expression evolution following genome duplication

Where: Husdyrfagbygningen, room H109, 12.15-13.00




Date: Wednesday 1st of October

Presenter: Knut Rudi, Professor in Microbiology. KMB, NMBU

Talk title: Gut microbiota of Atlantic salmon





Date: Wednesday 18th of OctoberTorgeir2015_Vasser

Presenter: Torgeir R Hvidsten. Professor in Bioinformatics. KMB, NMBU

Talk title: Gene regulatory networks involved in wood development (find paper here)





Date: Monday 2nd of October

Presenter: Anna Wargelius. Group leader at the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research.

Talk title: Gene editing-addressing major sustainability issues 

in Atlantic salmon farming