Seminar series

CIGENE seminars schedule spring 2019

Next up:

Date: February 20thAmine Namouchi

Speaker: Amine Namouchi, CIGENE, NMBU

Title: “Tracing the plague through Medieval times using metagenomics and phylogenomics of ancient DNA”




Date: February 6thYann and Julien beskjært

Speaker: Yann Guigen and Julien Bobe, INRA, France

Title: “Novel teleost whole-genome sequences for studying genome evolution after whole genome duplication (Julien) and sex determination (Yann)



Date: November 21stMichel Moser

Speaker: Dr. Michel Moser – New postdoctor at CIGENE | BIOVIT |NMBU

Title: “Genomic insighs into pollinator adaptation in Petunia”

Abstract can be found here.



Date: October 24thCBerthelot_square

Dr. Camille Berthelot, Research Associate (CR2) at INSERM, Paris, France.

Title: “Regulatory evolution of mammalian genomes”

Abstract can be found here.



Date: October 10th MO

Speaker: Dr. Marie-Odile

Baudement,  postdoctor at CIGENE | BIOVIT |NMBU

Talk title: “Mapping the functional genomic landscape through sequencing of High-salt Recovered Sequences”



Date: 5th of SeptemberAlexSuh

Dr. Alexander Suh (lab webpage), Dept. of Evolutionary Biology (EBC), Uppsala University

Title: “Filling assembly gaps and knowledge gaps with transposable elements”

Place: H109 (lecture theatre in Animal and aquacultural science building)

Time: 12.15-13.00



Seminars Spring 2018

Preliminary schedule: Cigene seminar schedule – Spring 2018

Next up:

Date: Wednesday 8th May

Prof. Jorge Fernandes

Title: “Growth-related epigenetic changes during domestication of Nile tilapia”

Place: H109 (lecture theatre in Animal and aquacultural science building)

Time: 12.15-13.00



Date: Wednesday 25th April.Bildet viser Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad, Post-doc / forsker

Ass. prof. Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad, KBM/NMBU

Title: “Proteomic properties of the Atlantic salmon skin-mucus and its microbiota”

Place: H109 (lecture theatre in Animal and aquacultural science building)



Time: 12.15-13.00

Date: Wednesday 4th of April

Prof. Yves Van de Peer

Talk title: The evolutionary significance of polyploidy”.

Place: Festspisesalen på samfunnet (see map: Kart_festspisesal)

Time: 12.15-13.00




Date: Wednesday 21st of March

Associate prof. Ola Westengen, Noragric, NMBU

Talk title: Crops and cultures – a co-evolutionary perspective on domestication

Time: 12:15-13.00

Room: H109



Date: Wednesday 8th of March

Prof. Susan McCouch,  Cornell University, USA

Talk title: The history of rice domestication: genetic isolation punctuated by genetic exchange

Time: 09:15-10.00

SKP auditorium


Date: Wednesday 7th of February

Fabian Grammes, researcher IHA/BIOVIT, NMBU

Talk title: Epigenomic impact on sea lice resistance in Atlantic salmon

Time: 12.15-13.00



Seminars Autumn 2017

List of CIGENE seminar talks autumn 2017

Date: Wednesday 29 November, 12.15-13.00

Tatiana Belova, researcher IPV, NMBU

Talk title: Putting the bread wheat genome sequence to work: analysing Norwegian bread wheat quality cultivars and wheat allergenicity epitopes




Date: Wednesday 15th November

Presenter: Ass. Prof. Simen Rød Sandve

Talk title: The grayling genome  reveals insights into gene expression evolution following genome duplication

Where: Husdyrfagbygningen, room H109, 12.15-13.00




Date: Wednesday 1st of Octoberknutrudi

Presenter: Knut Rudi, Professor in Microbiology. KMB, NMBU

Talk title: Gut microbiota of Atlantic salmon





Date: Wednesday 18th of OctoberTorgeir2015_Vasser

Presenter: Torgeir R Hvidsten. Professor in Bioinformatics. KMB, NMBU

Talk title: Gene regulatory networks involved in wood development (find paper here)





Date: Monday 2nd of OctoberAnnaWargeliusmindre.small

Presenter: Anna Wargelius. Group leader at the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research.

Talk title: Gene editing-addressing major sustainability issues 

in Atlantic salmon farming