Seminar series

The CIGENE seminar series will start up in mid-February, with speakers representing different areas within genomics, microbiology and evolution.  We look forward to see you again and welcome new attendees to subscribe to the email notification list. 


Program Spring 2022

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
16.02.2022 Martin Kuhlwilm University of Vienna Ape population history
02.03.2022 TBD
16.03.2021 Stefan Lüpold University of Zurich Sexual selection of insects
30.03.2021 TBD
06.04.2021 Sabina Leanti La Rosa NMBU Gut microbiology
20.04.2021 Eaaswarkhanth Muthukrishnan New York University Abu Dhabi Kuwait population genomics
04.05.2021 Lindsay Hall Quadram Institute Human gut microbiome development during early life
11.05.2021 Leif Andersson Uppsala University Functional genomics in domestic animals
01.06.2021 Kaur Alasoo University of Tartu Statistical functional genetics
15.06.2021 Louise Chavarie  and  Thrond Oddvar Haugen MINA, NMBU Salmon ecology

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