Seminar series

We regret to inform that the remaining CIGENE seminar series Spring 2020 is cancelled due to the covid-19 outbreak. We hope that we can continue the seminars in Autumn.

Seminars Spring 2020

Date: 12th February 2020Boyartchuk Victor

Presenter: Victor Boyartchuk, CIGENE

Title: Remodeling of intracellular lipidome defines the inflammatory state of immune cells

Abstract: A superfamily of nuclear receptor (NR) transcription factors mediate cross-talk between inflammatory and metabolic pathways. Activity of NRs is controlled by lipid ligands and therefore the makeup of the endogenous lipid pool determines their basal activity. Scavenger receptor like molecule CD5L has been proposed to act as a key regulator of the intracellular lipidome content. Using genome editing of macrophage like cells we generated data supporting the importance of this regulator in defining basal inflammatory state of human immune cells.

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