Young research talent: Marie Saitou from CIGENE is assigned prestigious project funding

In June this year, the Research Council Norway assigned funding for several projects at NMBU. Dr. Marie Saitou from CIGENE, received very positive feedback on her young research talent application, with the project Unveiling the evolutionary and functional impact of genomic structural variants of Atlantic salmon.

This project will investigate how genomic variants contribute to the diversity and evolution of Atlantic salmon by combining large-scale computational genomics and cutting-edge gene-editing technology. This study will establish an analytical pipeline to understand the effects of genomic variants on the biological feature and evolution of various species, including aqua- and agricultural species and endangered species.

Marie says that the project will start by the end of this year. The total budget is 8 million NOK. You may read more about the projects assigned to NMBU here.

Marie Saitou, CIGENE, NMBU


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