Visit by the University Rector

The Rector of NMBU, Mari Sundli Tveit, and pro-rector for research, Øystein Johnsen, visited yesterdays the CIGENE laboratories. They were accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Bioscienses, Kari Kolstad and leader of IHA institute, Elise Nordberg.

During a 15 minute visit to our recently renovated genomics labs, they spoke with Sigbjørn Lien and Matthew Kent about some of CIGENE’s key activities. This included our ambitions towards generating high-quality reference genomes for targeted species using Oxford Nanopore long-read DNA sequencing with PromethION and our service lab activity for the aqua- and agri- breeding industry using high-throughput Affymetrix genotyping.


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Published: 21.11.2018

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