Seminar Series – agenda

Spring 2019

February 6th
Yann Guigen and Julien Bobe, INRA, France
Title: Novel teleost whole-genome sequences for studying genome evolution after whole genome duplication (Julien) and sex determination (Yann)

February 20th
Amine Namouchi, CIGENE, NMBU
Title: Tracing the plague through Medieval times using metagenomics and phylogenomics of ancient DNA

March 6th
Mats Albertsen, Aalborg University
Title: Genome-centric metagenomics in the long-read era

March 20th
Nicola Barson, CIGENE, NMBU
Title: The rainbow genome reveals genetic basis for sex-dependent migratory behavior

April 3rd
Tom Gilbert and Morten Limborg
– Life through the hologenomic window
– Applied hologenomics

April 10th
Philine Feulner, Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Biogeochemistry, Swiss
Title: Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. Genomics of the Alpine whitefish radiation

May 8th
Siri Fjellheim, IPV/CIGENE, NMBU
Title: Evolution of cold acclimation and its role in niche transition in the temperate grass

May 22nd
Ivar Grytten, Geir Kjetil Sandve og Knut Rand, UiO
Title: Graph-based genome representations
Abstract: In the recent years, it has been argued that graph-based reference genomes are the future of reference genomes. We provide an overview of the field of graph-based genome representations, and discuss both the benefits and pitfalls of using graphs as references. We also present our latest contributions to the field, including Graph Peak Caller, a novel method for finding transcription factor binding sites on graph-based reference genomes from ChIP-seq experiments.