Japan-Norway symposium Poster and Flash Format

For participants who has registerred poster submission: Poster number will be assigned and sent to you after the submission deadline. You may prepare the following files: 

  1. Main poster, required
  2. Previewsmall thumbnail”, required
  3. Flash talk, optional

Please read carefully the information aboout format below, and submit the files by June 8th to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/c9FSBAmu9PqGgR7NAq8G 

Main poster format: 
  • .png or .jpg format are the only file types that may be used. 
  • Minimum width is 1000px (26.46cm). 
  • Minimum height is 600px (15.88cm). 
  • Maximum file size is 3MB. 
  • No transparent background.
  • File name: PosterNumber_FirstName_LastName_main.png(jpg) 
  • Example:


Preview “thumbnail” format
  •  .png or .jpg format
  • The head part of the main poster that has been made with around 1:4.4 ratio 
  • Example:


Flash Talk format
  • One page 16*9 pdf file
  • Include your poster number, title and name.
  • Do not put too many/small letters in it.
  • File name: PosterNumber_FirstName_LastName_talk.pdf
  • Example:


For technical tips, please also see the link: http://photonicsonlinemeetup.org/virtual-poster-session-gather-town/ 

Student poster award

Nobody cares about your English accent. Prepare well, practice well, speak clearly and slowly, and try to convey the significance/fun points/challenging points of your research! 

Evaluation criteria: 

  • Is the poster visually appealing? 
  • Does the poster present content to the viewer in an organized manner? 
  • Is the objective of the work obvious from the presentation? 
  • Does the presenter tell a coherent and interesting story? 
  • Does the presenter understand and describe the work in a technical manner? 
  • Is the presenter able to communicate appropriate responses to the questions?