Jon Olav Vik

Jon Olav Vik, systems biologist

Jon Olav Vik, systems biologist

Jon Olav is a champion for the systems biology of salmon, a research field he has been pioneering since 2013 and now spearheads in the DigiSal project. His transdisciplinary approach draws upon his broad background in quantitative biology, ranging from ecology to climate effects to cardiac modelling.

DigiSal‘s full title is Towards the Digital Salmon: From a reactive to a pre-emptive research strategy in aquaculture. It is part of Digital Life, the Research Council of Norway’s flagship initiative in systems biology. Jon Olav is also a lead modeller in GenoSysFat, working to improve the omega-3 content of salmon farmed on sustainable feeds by understanding the interplay between nutrition and genetics. These projects mark the realization of the Digital Salmon research programme formulated by Omholt, Gjuvsland and Vik, which was proposed at the symposium “Food from the ocean – Norway’s possibilities”, arranged by the two Norwegian academies of science in early 2013. This work builds on their pioneering activities in causally cohesive genotype-phenotype (cGP) modelling, incorporating genetics into the Virtual Physiological Human project. Previously, Jon Olav worked within the Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe (ISBE), laying the foundations for “modelling as a service” to academia and industry.

ERC track record and Curriculum Vitae – Jon Olav Vik

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