Molecular biology lab

biomek fxCutting-edge genomic analysis can be performed using high-throughput genotyping pipelines. CIGENE is pleased to offer a state-of-the-art non-profit SNP genotyping service for both National and International users from research and industry organizations. Our diverse instrumentation park includes Affymetrix Gene Titans, an Illumina iScan and MiSeq, and an Agena Bioscience (formerly Sequenom) MassArray 4, all of which are supported by a high level of robot automation. Collectively, these platforms allow us to utilize high-density fixed-content arrays as well as more flexible PCR based genotyping approaches.

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Technical staff at CIGENE have extensive hands-on knowledge related to all aspects of genotyping including DNA extraction, purification and quality testing, designing custom assays, and data quality control. In addition they are trained and equipt to perform small projects with tens of samples and SNPs, as well as very large-scale genotyping activities involving many tens of thousands of samples and SNPs.

In addition to using off-the-shelf commercial arrays, CIGENE has undertaken several custom array development projects for our own research and on behalf of others. Typically these involve analysis of next-generation sequencing data for SNP detection, filtering to identify a subset of high-value SNPs, array development with a commercial provider, and finally interpretation of array performance. To date we have developed arrays for European and North American Atlantic salmon (6K – 930K), Atlantic cod (10K), Tilapia (50K), Brown trout (5K), and Norwegian red cattle (50K).

Finally, CIGENE is experienced with ddRAD technology, and has developed an exome capture product for Atlantic salmon.

Policy Statement: All data and services provided by CIGENE are intended for research purposes only. Services are not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use.

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