Fumio Takizawa

Speaker: Fumio Takizawa, Fukui Prefectural University, Japan

Title: IgT unique for teleost fish functions as mucosal antibody

Abstract: Antibody is critical component to bind foreign microbes for prevention of pathogen invasion and colonization. Mucosal tissues (e.g. gut and fish gill/skin) constantly contact with a vast number of microorganisms in the environment, thus serve as main entry routes for pathogens. To keep homeostasis of mucosal area, mucosal antibody control the microbiota and prevent pathogen infection. We investigated the role of IgM and IgT (T stands for Teleost fish) in mucosal tissues of rainbow trout and found that IgT plays critical roles in fish mucosal area as does mammalian IgA . My talk will focus on the role of IgT in fish immune system and the evolution of mucosal antibody in vertebrates.