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Med kart og kompass blant gener og aminosyrer

Vår masterstudent Filip Rotnes beskriver hverdagen i et biokjemisk reaksjonsnettverk!


Podcast: Anvendt science fiction

GenoSysFat – genomics and systems biology of omega-3 in salmon

How can we increase the omega-3 content of salmon that are fed sustainable feeds? A brand new map of the salmon’s genome makes it much easier to characterize heritable differences in how well different salmon families utilize the various nutrients.


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DigiSal – systems biology for salmon farming

digital_salmonDigiSal is about systems biology for salmon farming. That means understanding the living fish body as a set of components – gut, liver, muscle and other organs – that both affect each other and depend on each other. Such a systems understanding will help salmon farming in the future to navigate conflicting demands – of sustainability, shifting feed prices, diseases and product quality. The industry needs to develop a flexible, integrated basis of knowledge for rapid response to new challenges. Continue reading “DigiSal – systems biology for salmon farming”

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