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Molecular biology lab

biomek fxCutting-edge genomic analysis can be performed using high-throughput genotyping pipelines. CIGENE is pleased to offer a state-of-the-art non-profit SNP genotyping service for both National and International users from research and industry organizations. Our diverse instrumentation park includes Affymetrix Gene Titans, an Illumina iScan and MiSeq, and an Agena Bioscience (formerly Sequenom) MassArray 4, all of which are supported by a high level of robot automation. Collectively, these platforms allow us to utilize high-density fixed-content arrays as well as more flexible PCR based genotyping approaches. Continue reading “Molecular biology lab”

CIGENE computational unit

cigene cluster rack frontBioinformatics is an essential and integrated part of CIGENE operations. The rapidly reduced cost of sequencing has increased demand of computational storage and analysis, and CIGENE has during the last years invested in a local computer cluster to meet this demand.
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Liver slice culture

Liver slice culture allows many “feeding trials” on the same individual, providing much better control over biological variation than live feeding trials. Here’s how: Cut out a small block of liver and superglue it to a plastic cylinder. Encase it in agar and mount it in a vibratome, a slicing machine. Each slice goes into its own lab dish, to be fed for example vegetable oil or marine oils.

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